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The last three years have seen a tremendous growth in our business.

Having a GROW coach on board has been vital in assisting us to manage that growth. Our coach has helped significantly improve staff productivity through implementation of clear staff performance measures, incentive schemes as well as the defining and training of staff in standard processes and procedures.

Terence Shacklady, Partner Empowered Spaces Architects
Coaching helped my business bounce back from the recession.

Within the first year of coaching my business returned to profitability and has grown ever since. Having a coach has helped me across all areas of my business. A coach will encourage you to set goals and keep you focussed on the important tasks on hand to achieve them.

Digby Holdsworth, Owner Essential Mouldings
Having a coach has given me access to specific business knowledge that would take years to acquire.

Since joining GROW my business has grown by 300% and in a single coaching session my coach was able to identify specific business opportunities that resulted in a significant increase in bottom line.

Alice Piktija, Owner, Port A Kitchen
I was trained as an attorney, but wasn’t trained in ‘how to run a business’.

Being on a GROW coaching program has greatly assisted me in getting the business basics in place and taught me how to lead and manage my business. … when your clients are commenting that there is something different about your law firm, you know you are on to something!

Natalie Lubbe, Founder, Natalie Lubbe and Associates

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