It’s a well-known fact, that businesses can unlock significant growth by focusing on improving their marketing efforts. So while you get well on your way to upgrading your marketing, there are 4 important things you need to know:

  1. Separate your marketing:

    Recognize the need for a distinctly separate marketing function with someone clearly accountable other than your head of sales. Business growth expert explains more in his fantastic guide, The 4 Imperatives of Marketing.

  2. Gather important data from customers & employees:

    You need market intelligence to drive your marketing decisions around price, place, promotion, and product, the classic 4 Ps of marketing.

  3. Marketing meetings & metrics:

    Set up weekly marketing meetings, separate from sales meetings, to discuss key marketing metrics.

  4. Become a student of marketing:

    Continue feeding ideas and topics for your weekly marketing meeting.Particularly in the field of marketing, it can take just one great idea, executed well, to kickstart the brand awareness, engagement and sales your business needs.

Get your marketing off to a great start by downloading the full guide, The 4 Imperatives of Marketing.