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The Abundances of the Digital Era

“Survival dictates that human beings develop and ethics and aesthetics that favour exploiting fully those resource that exist in abundance, and economizing on items that are in short supply” – Taichi Sakaiya, Japanese Futurist


October 19th, 2017|Articles and business advice, Business lessons|

Humble beginnings: The inspiring story of The LEGO Company


Few people know of the LEGO Group‘s humble beginnings, and tumultuous history. This is a company build by people that were faced with incredible challenges, but remained resilient and wouldn’ […]

6 building blocks of a great business

The LEGO Company is a modern-day business success story. They are the largest toy manufacturer in the world and have manufactured a total of 500 billion LEGO blocks and over 4 billion mini-figures. They’ve stood the test o […]