Don’t underestimate the power great customer service can have on the success of your business. In a previous article, we explored five best-kept secrets to great customer service, and how these build strong, fruitful customer relationships. Part 2 of this important topic gives you five more customer service tips to improve how you service customers in your business.

  1. Make the customer/client, the “master of your universe”

Mary K Ash, founder of Mary K Cosmetics says, “Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important.’” As a patron to some businesses as well, I’m sure you would agree. Customers are important because they are first and foremost, human. Not only that, but they are choosing to spend their hard-earned money in your business. Recognise this and treat them accordingly. Customers that don’t feel like they are important to you can easily switch over to your competitor. Click To Tweet

  1. Invest in your team

In our previous article, we explained why you as the business owner/leader bear the responsibility of imparting a great service aptitude to your staff members. But what exactly does that look like?

Well, to offer world-class customer service, you must train your team rigorously and consistently, using methods that can stick. 95% of training for staff is focused on how to do the job, and only about 5% is focused on how to treat the customer. Click To Tweet So your staff training must be focused on ensuring that customer service improves and that the secret service systems are used effectively and have measured results.

  1. Have non-negotiables

The third point on our list of customer service tips is around non-negotiables: rules around what your staff should and shouldn’t do when it comes to servicing customers. One such rule, for example, may be to never show frustration publicly. If your business is truly committed to delivering world-class service, there must be rules that all staff members adhere to.

Remember that great customer service doesn’t happen by chance. Every business needs to have clearly set out ways in which its staff should treat customers. Click To Tweet
  1. Consider your internal customers

Did you know that your business actually has two sets of customers? You have a set of internal customers – your staff, and external customers – the people that buy from you. This is an important realisation as internal customers are often ignored without a knowledge that this is done at the expense of the external customer. Businesses hope that when they focus only on external customers, they will get better results. But if you want great results with external customers (those that buy from you), you must take care of your staff (your internal customers).

If you want great results with external customers (those that buy from you), you must take care of your staff (your internal customers). Click To Tweet
  1. Understand what business you are really in

Lastly on our list of customer service tips is: an understanding of what business you are REALLY in – not what you sell, but what your products or services actually MEAN for your customers and clients. What do they help them achieve? For example, if you are in the business of cleaning homes, what you are really doing is lessening workloads for working parents for example, or keeping clean homes for allergy sufferers. Understanding this will help you ensure that you give them a service they will never forget.



If you need help with defining a vision for customer service in your business, or with training your staff in delivering world-class customer service, we’d be more than happy to help