Get customers excited about your brand and secure their loyalty.

Are you having problems retaining your customers after the first purchase?

Do you have inconsistent sales levels amongst your team members and battle to build a loyal customer base of raving customers who keep coming back for more?

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

This 2 day, one of a kind workshop is taught in two formats, foundational for those new to Customer Service needing to learn, grasp and implement some customer experience principles and transformational for the more advanced customer centric business ready to transform into a customer centric business.

In this class, you will learn to develop a Customer Experience Journey Map.

The Customer Experience Journey Map provides a complete picture of the customer interaction allowing you to personalise their experience at every touchpoint through the Secret Service System.

Secret Service Systems are hidden systems to deliver unforgettable customer experiences. These systems obtain customer intelligence and utilise it to personalise the customer experience leaving the customer to ask themselves “How’d they do that, How’d they know that?”’

You Will Learn About

  • Empowering all members of your team to deliver exceptional service all the time.
  • Delivering 95% customer retention and referral.
  • Creating non-negotiable standards of service for all team members.
  • Differentiating youself by competing on service and not price.